How Lois’s Esquire Cover Could Have Looked

In New York a couple of weeks ago I popped in to MoMa (well I queued up for ages and then fought my way in) where there is a small but nonetheless worthwhile show of George Lois’s famous Esquire covers. On a light table sat this transparency – a working mock-up of one of the most famous magazine covers of all time.


More than the famous finished covers that lined the walls opposite, this seemed to me a more revealing, explicit illustration of the skills of a great art director. Sure it’s a strong idea, but there is plenty of scope for it to go horribly wrong (as some of the recent ‘tributes’ to Lois’s covers unfortunately underline). It took huge skill to get from that to this…


There’s a great piece about Lois and that shoot here

Also at MoMa at the moment is Olafur Eliasson’s Take Your Time show which anyone who loved his Weather Project installation at Tate Modern will enjoy. The MoMA show is on a smaller scale but does include a hugely enjoyable room where, thanks to a kind of lantern in the middle, strips of colour and shadows of the occupants are cast on the walls.


which reminded me of overprinting…

….Oh, and downstairs I found this poster by Scott King


which made me laugh out loud… people stared… it was embarrassing…

and upstairs there’s a bunch of work by 2×4


All of this sitting happily in the Museum of Modern Art – why doesn’t Tate Modern feature graphic design?

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Are publishers the new record labels? Barely a week goes by without news reaching us of some new lavishly packaged re-releases, while there seems to be a spirit of innovation in book marketing that has been sadly lacking in the music business. Chuck “Fight Club” Palahniuk’s new book Snuff (out 20 May) is a case in point. Honest have been asked to direct three spoof porn movie trailers to help flog it, the first being The Wizard of Ass (above).

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While the advertising community was celebrating at this year’s D&AD Awards and rightly so (see results here), many designers looked on aghast. The reason? There are no D&AD awards in graphic design this year. Not one. Not a single yellow pencil was awarded in any of the graphics categories. Now what?

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The latest version of Channel 4’s Big Four sculpture incorporates a little bit of Creative Review – some of our printing plates, to be exact, along with those of various other magazines and newspapers

A Century of Olympic Posters

Mexico 68 poster by Lance Wyman, with artistic direction from Eduardo Terrazas and Pedro Ramirez Vázquez, © courtesy of the artist/IOC/V&A
Despite the protests, Olympic fever is slowly starting to build, and the exhibitions are beginning. This weekend, at the V&A Museum of Childhood in London, a show looking at 100 years of Olympic posters will open which will run (no pun intended…) over the summer to coincide with the Beijing Games. Here are a few extracts from the selection that will be shown – included are posters by artists such as R B Kitaj, as well as much-loved design classics such as Lance Wyman’s poster for the Mexico 68 Olympics, shown above.

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