Tanya Livesey on resilience for leaders

Presiding over the mayhem of an average day in a creative department is not for the faint-hearted. Resilience is key to creative success, says Leadership Coach Tanya Livesey. Here’s how to build up yours

“If you knock, knock me over – I will get back up again,” Princess Poppy.

Rejection sucks. But if you’re creative, you’ll have experienced the pain of having your work rejected – many times. So, if there’s one thing all great creative leaders have learned, and often the hard way, it’s that resilience matters.  Presiding over the mayhem of your average agency or creative studio day is not for the faint-hearted, so resilience marks out those that succeed, perhaps more than anything else.

Whilst rejection is tough – it’s also like boot camp for building the endurance you need for a long and successful career. Those that learn early to roll with the punches, build themselves a foundation of resilience that will serve them well in the pressure-cooker environment when they reach the top.