How to create the perfect advertising Christmas dinner

A key moment on Christmas Day is the dinner: a time to get together with loved ones and gorge yourself senseless on delicious treats. But how best to advertise it? We talk to ad Creative Directors for brands including Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose to get their top tips

The Christmas ad season is a fun time for viewers, who eagerly await the ads from the big brands before offering up a snap judgment on Twitter before moving on. For the brands themselves though, the stakes are incredibly high. High enough in fact that the ad that you’ve just spent seconds deciding if it’s good or bad will likely have been worked on for well over six months.

For food and drink brands especially, Christmas sales are key, and competition for shoppers is fierce. So how to hook a viewer into spending the Christmas food budget with you? We talk to a number of Creative Directors well-versed in this dilemma about techniques for standing out in a very crowded market.