How to design a giant, inflatable Trump Baby

Ahead of the US President’s visit to the UK, a group of protesters have come together to reimagine Trump in toddler form, complete with nappy and constipated grimace. We speak to the designer behind the campaign, Matt Bonner, about bringing the baby blimp to life

This coming Friday (coincidentally on the 13th) President Trump will step on British soil for his first official state visit. The trip has been a source of much controversy since it was first announced back in early 2017, and various campaign groups and trade unions are in the midst of organising a schedule of protests that will follow Trump around throughout his visit.

There is one piece of protest art in particular that seems to have captured the hearts and minds of the British people ahead of the visit: Trump Baby. The six-metre-high inflatable version of the President is set to soar across the skies of central London following a crowdfunding campaign that beat its £20,000 target in just two weeks. Here, designer Matt Bonner tells us about making little Donald a reality, and the serious message behind the humorous campaign.


London Bridge