How to make it as an online creative teacher

With the rise of online learning portals, there are opportunities for creatives to make a decent side career by sharing their skills. Lisa Hassell looks into the the best way to get involved

Online learning platforms are having a moment. In the wake of the global pandemic, millions of people have found themselves working from home, furloughed or without consistent income. With so much extra time on our hands it’s no surprise that many of us are focusing on self development; acquiring new skills and channeling our passion and creativity into side projects.

Platforms such as Skillshare and Domestika have made teaching a viable side hustle for creatives of all levels, offering a way to monetise their skills, reach a global community, diversify their income and raise their profile in the process – but just how easy is it to make money teaching online?

Mina Barrio is one of the three founders of Melon Blanc studio in Seville, Spain, and the head of the photography department. Focusing on mainly still-life and branded photography, stop motion and social media stories for brands, she is a huge advocate for online learning. “I personally think teaching online is one of the biggest pillars of the internet,” says Barrio. “I learnt most of my skills online (on blogs and YouTube) and self-taught artists all over the world are rocking it. I think teaching online will always be part of the internet.”