HP addresses the world of work with tongue-in-cheek campaign

Titled Navigate the Nonsense, the new ad looks at the myriad ways companies are dealing with hybrid work post-pandemic. It is pretty on the nose for most office workers

The pandemic brought many terrible things but one brighter spot for many was the whisper of a future where office employees could set their own rules around where they worked. For introverts, those with children or other caring responsibilities, or anyone who liked to just roll out of bed and be at their desk, the new world of flexible working seemed a positive step.

But throwing out decades of office habits – and concerns that staff are not being productive if they can’t be seen – has led many employers to reverse the hybrid plans they set up. And then change them again when faced with outcry from employees. And then ‘evolve’ them yet again. It turns out it’s not easy to find a one-size-fits-all solution to the question of modern working.

For HP, this offered an opportunity for a light-hearted ad campaign, which showcases how their tech can help, however you want to work. Created by Wieden+Kennedy Portland and directed by Craig Gillespie, it pokes fun at CEOs around the world trying to grapple with ever-evolving workplace environments.

The ad is the latest example of brands taking on zeitgeist-y problems with a humorous touch (last week, for example, saw Australian Lamb send up generation gaps in a similarly witty fashion). These might in reality be fairly complex social problems, though it is always good to laugh at them too (while, in the case of HP, also flogging immersive conferencing tools).

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Portland
CCO: Azsa West
Creative Directors: Bertie Scrase, Christen Bestrup
Creatives: Alex Nassour, Alex Maleski
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Craig Gillespie