Hvass&Hannibal at Kemistry

We profiled them as Ones To Watch back in our April 2007 issue – now Danish duo Hvass&Hannibal have opened their first London gallery show at Kemistry gallery in Shoreditch…

We profiled them as Ones To Watch back in our April 2007 issue – now the Danish duo Hvass&Hannibal (comprising the talents of Sofie Hannibal and Nan Na Hvass) have launched their first London gallery show, entitled Losing The Plot, at Kemistry gallery in Shoreditch…

We popped in to the gallery yesterday afternoon (just before attendees of the private view arrived) to say hello and have a look at the work – which mostly consists of pieces created out of hand cut and painted wood. There is also a selection of prints as well as a hanging mobile installation in the middle of the exhibition space.

“The theme of our show is information graphics, or visualization of information – which could include anything from signage, stock charts and weather reports to topographical studies, lunar calendars and flags,” explains Hvass. “So we found inspiration really in any kind of visual media that conveys some sort of information, then we put it through our filter and the result is a more abstract form. There’s so much interesting visual material to be found in all the patterns and grids in information graphics – and seen with an outsider’s eye, often information can be perceived as no more than an abstract pattern. It’s this source of visual material that we’ve been exploring.”

Hologram, wood and paint, 60x60cm. Two detail shots below:

Assorted Specimens #1-6, wood and paint, all 60x60cm

Detail from Assorted Specimen #6, wood and paint, 60x60cm

Topographic Reflection, wood and paint, 60x60cm. Detail below:

Let’s Twist Again, wood and paint, 150x165cm

Detail from Study of a Place, wood and paint, 60x60cm

Foreground: Black and White Swarm, wood and paint, 130x130x120cm

“A lot of the work is made of wood, and it’s quite a lengthy process to first get the wood, then cut it, sand it down, prime it, sand it again and then finish off with at least two coats of paint. And in between all of these things there’s a lot of drying time,” says Hvass. “We had to move out of our small studio to a basement under Sofie’s flat in order to have enough space to work on these pieces. It was a bit like a dungeon – dark, damp and very cold! So it’s very very nice to come out into the light and see the pieces hanging on a white wall.”

Hvass&Hannibal: Losing the Plot runs until 27 February at Kemistry Gallery, 43 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3PD

To see more of Hvass&Hannibal’s work, visit their site at hvasshannibal.dk


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