Hyundai’s new ad is for anyone that’s belted out Enya in the car

Innocean Australia is tapping into guilty pleasures with its Little Angels ad campaign, which features an epic impromptu performance of Enya’s Orinocco Flow

Intended as a counterpoint to a largely homogenous sector of advertising, the film is enjoyably bonkers. It begins like any other car ad – albeit featuring a viciously bickering family – but quickly turns into something quite unexpected as the children embark on a masterful rendition of Orinocco Flow.

And it’s not just them, they’re accompanied by a man on a white horse, a bus full of passengers and even a flying woman wielding a squeegee. Enya fans, hold on for the 47-second mark when the harp comes out.

Car adverts often strive to be epic, but it’s rare that they’re actually any fun with it. Although the ad itself isn’t risky per se, it definitely feels like Hyundai has taken a big step away from what many of their competitors are doing, and bringing Enya into the mix is, arguably, nothing short of a stroke of genius.

Agency: Innocean Australia
ECD: Wes Hawes
Creatives: Dan O’Connell, V Wassim Kanaan
Production company: Scoundrel
Director: Michael Spiccia
VFX: Fin Design & Effects