IBM Seer – OgilvyOne London – 1.06

Wimbledon-themed Android-based mobile app.

By making use of the T-Mobile G1’s digital compass, the app presents live information as an overlay on the phone’s camera screen. The ‘heads up display’ then tells the user what they’re looking at and augments this with the data such as scores, playing schedules, what the local traffic is like or whether a particular restaurant has any tables (IBM Scouts within the grounds pushed data to the app via various feeds).



Pavlos Themistocleous – Copywriter, Jamie Romain – Art Director, Charlie Wilson – Creative Director, Emma De La Fosse – Creative Director, Dylan Smith – Technical lead, Davide Sciola – Digital Producer, Nick Bennett – Account executive, Richard Barker – Business Partner, Alan Flack – Marketing Director


You can download the full version of the Creative Review Annual 2010 for the iPhone from the App Store.


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