Ibrahim Rayintakath on translating text into visuals

The India-based creative talks about the unique challenges and opportunities of editorial illustration, and the techniques he uses to avoid repetition in his practice

Illustrator Ibrahim Rayintakath is from Kerala, a state on the southern coast of India. “The art and culture scene has always had strong music, theatre, film, and any creative field you look at,” Rayintakath tells CR. “I’ve spent the last two years as a freelance illustrator here and I can already say many of my top favourite illustrators and designers are from India.”

In terms of opportunities, the illustrator feels there are some commercial jobs in India, but that there isn’t such a big appetite for editorial illustration, which is why many of his clients are from overseas. Rayintakath has created work for the New Yorker, New York Times, Apple, Google, Wired, Amnesty International, and many, many more. Through this, he’s built up a steady portfolio of work, despite the fact that he actually started in design.

All images: Ibrahim Rayintakath