Ice, smoke and solder

The following images show the results of experiments with three different materials: ice, smoke and solder

The images of cracked ice are from a personal investigation while the photgraphs of smoke and solder came out of commercial projects, though these shots were unused by the respective clients.

The first series is a set of extreme close-ups of cracks formed in ice. You can get these amazing crystal clear ice blocks, as large as 100cm ×50cm×25cm. When you put dry ice pellets on the surface they start to super cool the ice so it contracts further and sends these crystalline fissures worming away from the surface. It’s a bit like lightning. I think the tiny bubbles were there already, but I like the way they contribute to the other­worldly feel of these shots, like something you might see flash up on the Enterprise’s main screen when Captain Kirk’s taken another wrong turn.

The photographs of smoke came about during a shoot for a Hyundai. Agency VCCP had an ad showing a car screaming into existence, birthed from some substance or spirit, some kind of ethereal automotive essence. But what on earth does that look like? Well, not quite like these, apparently, but I really like them.

I was also asked by design studio Dixon Baxi to contribute some photography to a project they were workng on for the Sci-Fi Channel. Amongst other weird and wonderful things, we decided to shoot the results of what happens when molten solder is poured into a water tank.

Unfortunately, it’s not that interest­ing visually (sounded good, made a mess of a saucepan), but when clearing out the tank at the end of the day I found all of these intricate self-cast shapes. Some were little canoe-shaped cylinders, others resembled tiny ancient tree trunks, or little metal explosions; some even looked like weapons you might see dug up after centuries in the soil. When I shot them I loved that they had no apparent scale and that you couldn’t tell how, or even from what, they’d been made.

Jason Tozer


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