Icon book celebrates the Land Rover and its owners

A new book, designed by Foxtrot Papa, tells the stories of notable Defender and Series owners through original photography, design sketches and hand-lettering

The coffee table book brings together explorers, adventurers, farmers, soldiers, Land Rover employees  and others with an interesting story to tell about the role the Series (the original Land Rovers first produced in the 1940s) and Defender models (which ceased production in 2016) played in their lives.

“We managed to find many of the original explorers [who owned Land Rovers] and travellers on the epic, cross-continental road trips that people undertook right from the when the first vehicles rolled off the line in the late 1940s,” content studio Foxtrot Papa say. Many of the images featured come from the interviewees themselves, some of which have never been published before.

Handpainted letters are used to introduce each chapter while the book’s endpapers feature original design sketches for the vehicles. Photographer Dylan Collard and illustrator Peter Lloyd are among the visual contributors.

The book will be available from the Land Rover Merchandising website, priced £50