Graphic shows the white Morakniv wordmark on a red background, with a V designed in an angular blade shape

Identity Works carves out a new identity for knife brand Morakniv

The identity and packaging design for the 130-year-old brand draws on the traditions and geography of its Swedish birthplace

Stockholm-based creative agency Identity Works has unveiled its recent collaboration with Morakniv, a 130-year-old knife brand from the small city of Mora in Sweden.

The agency has created a new identity for the brand, which pays homage to its long history and the traditions of the local area.

The branding follows an overarching ‘hand-carved’ concept, which feeds into everything from the typography to the packaging, and references the renowned quality of Morakniv products.

Illustration of a Morakniv knife against a pale background

Immediately obvious is the colour palette, which is dominated by a rich and vibrant red that is based on “the classic Mora Red” – a colour found in nearby mines in the area which has adorned the handles of the knives since the very beginning.

This colour complements the pattern used in the branding, which was inspired by “traditional folklore ribbons that originate from the small village in Mora”, according to the agency.

Animated graphic part of the Morakniv branding, which features a flat read shape being cut away to reveal an angular lowercase letter 'A'

Elsewhere, photography plays a significant part in communicating the spirit of the brand, with Identity Works saying that “Morakniv already had beautiful images of their products but they were missing an emotional layer to their imagery”.

To improve on this, the team enlisted the help of Swedish photographer Agnes Maltesdotter, who shot a series of new images that “bring in an epic feel”.

Photograph of a landscape and a person wearing shorts taken from the perspective of a tent opening
Image shows a photograph of a person wearing a coat zipped up to their chin with a red glow cast over their face at nighttime, which is framed by an angular red cut-out device

The brand’s typography has also been updated, with the typeface Sastre (designed by María Ramos from NM type) becoming the main feature due to its hand-carved appearance. This is paired with a “fun two-layered colour font” that has been used for numerals in Morakniv’s communication.

Finally, the new recyclable packaging for each knife adheres to the hand-carved theme and features a display window cut to resemble “the negative shapes of the typeface”, proudly framing the knife and emphasising Morakniv’s new motto: Quality takes no shortcuts.

Image shows the Morakniv packaging design shown on five products, with the knife shown within a cutout on the packaging
Photo: Pål Allan
Image shows a photograph of a person sat atop a hillside looking over a hilly landscape, with the headline 'We started preparing your Sunday hike in 1891' written in the Morakniv typeface
Graphic shows the numbers zero to nine designed in a red typeface comprising triangular shapes
Photograph of a person holding a Morakniv knife in their hands, which features the brand's new wordmark including an angular 'V' at the end in the shape of a blade