A lonely troll does a spot of interior design in Ikea Canada’s new ad

Ikea can improve any home, even if you’re a troll living beneath a damp and gloomy bridge, says the latest ad from the furniture giant

Nick Ball directs the two-minute film, which was created by ad agency Rethink Canada. It takes place in a world where trolls are not only real, they’re curmudgeonly toll collectors that spend their lives under bridges, waiting to charge passing cars.

The ad makes it clear that the relationship between the troll and the locals is a fractious one, but luckily a small boy comes to the rescue via a gift, which demonstrates that every living space can benefit from the Ikea touch.

It’s a genuinely charming story, with beautifully crafted fantastical elements – not least of which is the troll, made by puppet-maker Martin Pec. The ad is the latest in a series from Ikea Canada, all exploring the idea of what it takes to make a home.

Agency: Rethink
Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman, Mike Dubrick
Creative Director: Caroline Friesen, Robbie Percy
Copywriter: Robbie Percy
Art Director: Caroline Friesen
Director: Nick Ball
Post Production/VFX: Nimiopere, Color Collective
Music: Vapor Music