Ikea fabrics find new lives as Savile Row suits

The furniture giant’s latest collaboration lets you match your three piece suite to your three piece suit.

Ikea has partnered with West End tailor William Hunt, who’s ditched the traditional pinstripe in favour of some more garish options, borrowed from the brand’s range of textiles. The outcome is a far cry from the usually sedate style of Savile Row, with suits splashed in stripes, colourful dots and floral patterns – courtesy of Ikea’s Sofia, Rosenrips, Nedja and Kungslilja fabrics.

The collaboration isn’t just about making fashion harmonise with furniture however, it’s part of Ikea’s broader campaign encouraging the UK to be more daring when decorating their homes. It follows on from a Dougal Wilson-directed film, which shows the same fabrics coming to life as a group of gatecrashing ghosts.

For those of you that are thinking, ‘At last, something that won’t clash with my Stocksundt sofa’, you can win yourself a one-off suit by telling Ikea exactly how you’re a maverick with fabric in the home.


Milton Keynes