Ikea’s new ad is all about the frugal life

In a noticeably lighthearted take on environmental issues, the furniture giant’s Fortune Favours the Frugal campaign celebrates the little things people can do to be more eco-friendly

In the ad, directed by Tom Kuntz, a meteor made up of trash hurtles towards the Earth. But as people back at home repaint old furniture, pickle vegetables and reuse water, it gradually begins to break apart – finally landing on our planet as nothing more than a single plastic bottle (which is promptly recycled).

It’s part of a wider Fortune Favours the Frugal campaign by Mother, which also includes outdoor and online ads showcasing Ikea products that can help people become more environmentally friendly – whether that’s growing herbs and greens at home, or buying rugs made from recycled plastic.

The brand has amped up its focus on sustainability in recent years, unveiling a ‘green’ Christmas ad at the end of 2020 and opening what it described at the time as its most sustainable store so far in Greenwich, in 2019. The company is aiming to use only recycled or renewable plastic in its products by 2030.

By focusing on the small, manageable steps people can take, Ikea’s ad offers a much-needed counterpoint to the doom-filled predictions about our planet’s future.

The messaging around the climate crisis has left many people feeling overwhelmed – something that was highlighted by WWF UK CEO Tanya Steele in a recent Festival of Marketing panel, where she suggested that brands need to “put some humour and discussion” into the conversation. It’s encouraging to see Ikea doing exactly that, and feels like a more productive way for brands to encourage real change.

Agency: Mother
Director: Tom Kuntz