Ikea Home is Where the Smart Is

Ikea’s new campaign reimagines MTV Cribs for the cost of living crisis

Instead of bragging about how much your latest home renovation set you back, the amusing ad invites Ikea customers to ‘show off your savvy’

Driven by the philosophy ‘to create a better everyday life for the many people’, Ikea has long been known for its brilliantly simple designs and affordable pricing. The retailer’s brand purpose feels even more pertinent amid the cost of living crisis, as many consumers struggle to deal with rising food prices and energy bills, let alone being able to refurb their homes.

The flatpack furniture behemoth’s new integrated campaign, Home Is Where The Smart Is, seeks to tackle cost of living head on. Rooted in the insight that we can get as much satisfaction from being savvy as we do from being extravagant, it demonstrates how smart solutions in the home can provide small moments of joy.

Created by Mother, the spot opens with the host showing us around his regular home with all the confidence of someone who has made it big time. “Welcome to my crib,” he says, in a tongue-in-cheek riff on the notoriously opulent TV series MTV Cribs.

Instead of snooping inside the mansions of the world’s biggest celebrities though, we see everyday items transform into multifunctional yet practical pieces, as the ad highlights Ikea’s versatile home furnishing range.

Ikea Home is Where the Smart Is

Rather than designer sofas, for example, it’s all about washable covers, while a fridge raid doesn’t reveal champagne bottles ready to be popped but delicious oven-ready leftovers, and ‘where the magic happens’ is a show of energy-saving lighting.

Alongside the TV commercial, a series of short films will be launched across social media that tap into viral trends, including a rethink of ‘fit checks’ as ‘savvy checks’ and unboxing content that showcases Ikea’s savviest products and pre-loved range.

Agency: Mother