Ikea celebrates the upside of isolation with home videos

As the world adjusts to the new normal of life under lockdown, Ikea has created an ad celebrating what people can achieve by spending more time at home

Ikea home videos

TBWA\Singapore has created a new spot for Ikea Singapore titled Making Home Count, which collates videos shot, edited and produced by the agency staff from their own homes. However, rather than focus on Ikea wares, the furniture brand is going for a more heart-warming approach by spotlighting the benefits of spending all this time at home.

Family time naturally leads the charge, with the film showing the many, often humorous ways that households are adjusting to daily life with partners, kids and pets in the picture. Elsewhere, we’re shown the unusual hobbies and makeshift exercise routines that people have had to adopt under these new circumstances.

“We wanted to celebrate all that we can achieve at home, from being creative, to being spontaneous, to adapting to the daily challenges of our new reality while keeping safe,” said Andy Grant, ECD at TBWA\Singapore. “Making a homemade film about home felt like a lovely way to inspire and share an insight into what so many of us are experiencing right now.”

The pandemic has left brands with the difficult question of how to approach communications, with sceptics quick to comment on brands’ pushy sales tactics that take advantage of the situation. But we are also seeing clever new responses emerging. Like Burger King France’s recent campaign on how to recreate their menu at home, Ikea’s ad comes across as more supportive than salesy, and its low-fi approach also demonstrates how brands can keep communicating despite the limitations of lockdown.