Ikea addresses inflation in new print and poster campaign

Created by Ingo The Agency, the straightforward campaign highlights how Al-Futtaim Ikea in the UAE has not changed the prices of its furniture despite rising inflation


The campaign arrives as brands across the globe wrestle with how to address inflation, and how much of their rising costs they can pass onto customers.

Tone of voice can be vital during straitened times, as we discussed in a recent interview with Reed Words’ Orlaith Wood, who advised that brands shouldn’t ignore the situation its customers are in: “When it comes down to it, we’re in the business of selling things to people, so we just have to be aware that times are tough. That comes with an extra pressure of, do people really need this and how can we make it useful?”

This new campaign addresses the challenges that people face head on, with a simple design highlighting how a number of Ikea’s products have remained the same price over the past three years, while market prices have risen. Over 80 products in total have not been affected by price rises.


This confident approach is likely to speak to people’s needs during a difficult time but, crucially, is in keeping with Ikea’s style of advertising, another point that Wood says is vital to maintain even if delivering different kinds of messaging to consumers.

“I think a sign of a strong tone of voice is one that can flex for different circumstances and has the nuances built into it that mean you can tell people bad news when you need to, and you know how to do that,” she says. “You can’t just be cheerful and salesy all the time.”

Agency: Ingo The Agency
Creative Chairman: Stephan Vogel
Global CCO: Tobias Ahrens
Creative Director: Tomás O’Gorman
Senior Creatives: Nicolás López, Fernando Montero, Kalle Garmark
Junior Art Director: Andrea Lopez-Boado