Ikea has released instructions for building your own home fort

The furniture brand’s newest set of manuals are designed to stave off lockdown boredom, by teaching us how to build fortresses, caves and wigwams out of furniture and household items

Flat-pack furniture instructions are usually things of dread, but Ikea Russia has found a more pleasant use for them during quarantine. Together with ad agency Instinct, it’s come up with a set of six instruction manuals that convert everyday pieces of furniture into playhouses for children – or those of us that just want somewhere to hide.

You can choose from a wigwam, castle, house, tent, cave, or fortress, all of which are designed to be straightforward to build. Ikea, naturally, recommends using furniture and accessories from its own stores, but the instructions can easily be adapted to whatever you have on hand.

It’s a playful piece of work – which is very welcome in the current climate – and shows how brands can play a part in keeping people’s spirits up during tough times.

Agency: Instinct
Creative directors: Romain Firainer, Yaroslav Orlov
Designer: Elena Kravchenko