Ikea’s ScrapsBook is a recipe collection for your leftovers

Recipes including wilted smoothie, banana peel bacon and forgotten vegetable stew are all designed to help people be more sustainable in their kitchens


The ScrapsBook is published by Ikea Canada, who worked with ten different North American chefs, including Craig Wong and Trevor Bird, to come up with the recipes. The aim is to help people rescue odds and ends of food that would otherwise be thrown out, and instead use them to make dinner.

Or, as Ikea puts it in the introduction to the cookbook: “Scrapcooking is about finding the beautiful possibilities in that banana peel, radish top, or even the chicken bones you’re about to toss, and make the most of everything available to you.”

Although the recipe book is aimed at Canada in particular – where, according to the company, two thirds of edible food scraps end up in the bin – it would work just as well here in the UK. It also has tips on how to make food last longer (hang baskets of veg over a bowl of water on the windowsill), and – being from Ikea – ideas on the best ways to store your leftovers.

It’s all part of Ikea’s effort to become a more sustainable business, and encourage its consumers to embrace more eco-friendly ways. At the start of this year, the homeware brand released an ad celebrating the frugal life and showing people which Ikea products could help them be more sustainable. The brand aims to be using only recycled or renewable plastic in its products by 2030, and hopes to help Canadians reduce food waste in their homes by the same date.

The book includes 50 recipes and is available to download for free, as well as via Apple Books and Google Books. Some of the contributing chefs will also be appearing on Ikea’s Instagram Live for #Scrapcooking Sundays, where they’ll share cooking tutorials.

Download the Ikea ScrapsBook here