Ikea’s RGB billboard

In a neat twist on Ikea’s space-saving appeal, German agency Thjnk Hamburg has created a billboard ad which displays three different headlines thanks to the use of coloured bulbs

As this film explains, the billboard’s three headlines are printed in different colours which are switched ‘on’ and ‘off’ using coloured bulbs attached to the top of the poster site:

A very neat and appropriate idea which also gives us the chance to feature once again a project that has generated more page views than anything else featured on the CR Blog over the years – the RGB wallpaper by Italian studio Carnovsky which revealed different paterns depending on the colour of light shone on it

see the full post here (if you haven’t already)

Ikea credits
Agency: Thjnk Hamburg
Client: IKEA Germany
Executive Creative Director: Armin Jochum
Executive Creative Director: Bettina Olf
Creative Director: Georg Baur
Creative Director: Torben Otten
Art Director: David Lasar
Art Director: Nicolas Schmidt-Fitzner
Production Company: I Made This
Director: Dominic Repenning

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