Ikea’s spoof instructions for creating your Game of Thrones cape

SMFB Oslo responds to news that the Game of Thrones costume designers used Ikea fake fur rugs to create outfits for some of its characters with instructions on how to make your own

The widely reported news that the admirably thrifty production team on Game of Thrones had been turning Ikea’s fake fur Skold rug into capes for the soldiers of the Night’s Watch has provoked some witty reactions from the retailer’s various PR and advertising agencies.

In the UK, PR agency Hope & Glory was behind a stunt to deck out staff from the Wembley branch in the rugs/capes and photograph them in suitably manly poses for Facebook.

Ikea Wembley staff kitted out as members of the Night’s Watch from Game of Thrones

But the best response we have seen so far is from Norway’s SMFB Oslo who created an authentic looking Ikea instruction sheet showing how we can make our own version. The ad was posted on Ikea’s Norwegian Facebook page.

Ikea and its agencies have been very fleet of foot of late in responding to various news stories around the brand – in April we reported onACNE’s response to the news that Balenciaga had brought out a suitably luxe version of its famous Frakta blue bag.

SMFB Oslo creative team: Pia Olstad, Linus Hjellstrøm, Hans Magne Ekre, Alexander Gjersoe

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