Imposter Syndrome and how creatives can deal with it

Ever felt like you are about to be found out? That you really don’t deserve to be a global chief and that any day now someone’s going to rumble you? Worry not: Imposter Syndrome is a recognised psychological trait common to many creative leaders. Executive coach Tanya Livesey has some advice on how to deal with it

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  • Ian Cuthbert 29/08/2017 at 9:27 am

    Interesting article thanks. It seems like a big omission not to mention that women are more likely to suffer from imposter syndrome and are more likely to suffer the consequences of this than their male counterparts. There is also evidence to show that imposter syndrome is not proportionately distributed according to ethnic origin. So whilst these tips may be helpful, some of the factors which lead to your having imposter syndrome are to do with the way society, and the world of work, treat you based on factors beyond your control.