In praise of hybrid creativity

We may have talked about the benefits of the creative polymath for centuries, yet most agencies keep their talent frustratingly siloed, says Wayne Deakin, ECD, EMEA at Huge. And it’s to the detriment of what brands need today

Whether you’re talking combined diesel and electric cars, post-Covid work blending in-office with home working, or the coming together of digital and in-real-world experiences, ‘hybrid’ is the word of today. But with so many of marketing’s skills and roles still so stubbornly siloed, are agency creatives missing a trick? The answer is: yes.

All of us now find ourselves grappling with interconnectedness in some shape or form. There are the many and varied problems arising from a new and ever shifting media landscape with constantly changing consumer behaviours. And there are the challenges arising from consumers’ increasing demand that companies are accountable, responsible and most importantly authentic.

Never has it been more important to connect the dots between a brand’s numerous different customer touchpoints. And for agencies eager to build the best creative solutions to solve their clients’ problems, joining the dots between different skillsets is crucial.

Yet, while in the world outside advertising and design we see people finding mixed solutions to solve their problems – carmakers shifting their focus onto mobility solutions, for example, or Disney and Marvel’s switch to direct-to-consumer streaming – it is a very different story within the funnelled confines of advertising, marketing and design.


Milton Keynes