The winners of Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2016

Winning work at the 5th annual Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards included a map that shows which parts of America are subject to the most government surveillance and another which tells the story of the Mediterranean migrant crisis

This year, 15 awards and a total of $30,000 were given out to individuals and organisations – data artists, journalists and information designers – for their outstanding data visualisation and infographic art. Here’s the winning work.

Spies in the Skies 

This project by Buzzfeed’s Peter Aldous and Charles Sefie won two awards; one for the overall Most Beautiful award and a gold for Data Journalism. The duo created a series of maps that reveal just how much aerial surveillance the US government carries out and where.

winner at information is beautiful awards
A still from the interactive map that allows you to zoom in on any city or area in the U.S. to see how much that region is being surveilled

Earth Temperature Timeline 

This infographic won gold for Data Visualisation. It traces a timeline from the last ice age to present day, detailing how the earth’s temperature has changed in that time. The timeline runs like a long scroll, ending in a few possible projections of where the earth’s temperature may be in the years to come.

The Missing Migrants Map

The Missing Migrants Project is a joint initiative of IOM’s Global Migration Data Analysis Centre (GMDAC) and Media and Communications Division (MCD). This project has been recording information about those who have died during the journey to Europe since 2013. The data was transformed into the Missing Migrants Map by Valerio Pellegrini and Michele Mauri, who won the Infographic gold award. The map also has an Italian version.

Data Cuisine 

For this project Moritz Stefaner won the The Dataviz Project gold and the Outstanding Individual award. The Data Cuisine workshop investigates how data can be represented using culinary means.


Created by Duncan Clark and Robin Houston, this project won the Interactive gold. The interactive map allows viewers to get a sense of the scale of commercial shipping, the types of boats in the sea at a particular time, the depth of the ocean in different parts of the world and even the amount of carbon dioxide generated by shipping activity. A voiceover helps guide the experience. (All the data for this map came from 2012) Interact with the map here.


Flowing Data

Winner of the Dataviz Website gold award, this website explores how people use data everyday. The project, which started out as a Nathan Yau’s PhD dissertation project has now expanded into this website, and two books about how to visualise data.


Data USA 

This project, which won the Commercial/biz Project gold, saw the collaboration of three corporations – Datawheel, Deloitte and Macro Connections (USA). The website consolidates demographic data from various government and statistical organisations, making it available to citizens who can conduct their own analyses and make their own conclusions from the available information.


The Sum of the Parts 

Alberto Lucas Lopez won the Community Awards gold for this inforgraphic which traces the economic growth of China in the last two decades, breaking down the progress of each region.

This graphic traces the economic growth of China in the last two decades – breaking down the progress of each region.

The BMJ (British Medical Journal) Infographics – Rising Star award

Will Stahl-Timmins, for his body of work on the BMJ Inforgraphics
Will Stahl-Timmins, for his body of work on the BMJ Inforgraphics

The Olympic Feathers – Rising Star award

All 5100 gold medal winners since the 1st Olympic Games, by Nadieh Bremer
All 5100 gold medal winners since the 1st Olympic Games, by Nadieh Bremer

Income Inequality in LA and Chicago 

Herwig Scherabon won the Student Gold for his pair of prints that demonstrate income inequalities in these two American cities. Diagrams show a matrix of buildings – their height corresponding to the average income in the area.


Terre Urbaine

BiG, from France won the Best Non-English Language award. The video tracks the phenomenon of urbanisation through the ages.

Polygraph won the Studio of the Year Award.

FiveThirtyEight won the Outstanding Team Award.

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