Inglorious Fruits & Veg and Moms Demand Action take top prizes at D&AD Impact awards

French supermarket Intermarché and US Moms Demand Action campaign win first Impact Black Pencils for “brands doing good on a global stage”

The Impact Awards are the new home for D&AD’s White Pencil, originally created to celebrate “creative projects that have benefited society as well as a business’s bottom line,” according to D&AD. Those projects now have their own home – the Impact Awards – created in partnership with Advertising Week.

D&AD says that Impact’s “mission is to identify and celebrate great, transformative, creative ideas that have had real impact and, ultimately, contributed towards a better, fairer and more sustainable future for all. The objective of the award is to demonstrate the value of purpose to profitability, and elevate projects and businesses that have made a genuine contribution to society and the planet.”


Intermarché’s Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables campaign was created by ad agency Marcel to combat food waste. Thousands of tons of perfectly edible fruit and veg are thrown away each year because they do not meet strict supermarket standards for size and shape. The campaign sort to celebrate the misshapen and ugly produce which tastes just as good as its better-looking counterparts.


The other Black Pencil of the night went to Grey Canada for its Taking Aim At Corporate America campaign on behalf of Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America. The campaign targeted businesses who, under the US Open Carry legislation, were fine to admit customers who were armed while at the same time barring others for relatively harmless behaviour such as skateboarding.

See the full list of White Pencil winners here

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