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Why innovation requires us to think differently

In our increasingly AI–driven world, innovation is in short supply. We need a human-centric innovation culture: one that embraces neurodiversity

The world is hungry for innovation. People want it to make their lives better. Businesses want it to stay relevant. Yet despite all the technical advances that characterise our increasingly AI-driven world, innovation is in short supply.

Innovation is a top three priority for over 80% of executives, one recent study found. Yet fewer than 10% believe they do it well. Why? The answer is culture. Or, to be more specific, the prevalence of what’s lacking in today’s top innovation cultures: herd thinking.

To understand the causes of this problem and how best to solve it, let’s begin with what innovation is. Innovation is novelty – a new idea, method, or device. And as such, it is something only achievable when we are free to think differently.