Inside the post-Brexit inconvenience store

Anti-Brexit group People’s Vote has conveniently timed its latest stunt – a pop-up shop selling Conman’s Mustard and Whinings Tea – to coincide with Black Friday. Marketing Director Sarah Baumann tells us about bringing the store to life

If you happened to be passing through Peckham in South London over the weekend, you may have noticed a new shop front on its high street. While a new convenience store opening isn’t normally a very remarkable event, the contents of this shop are on the more unusual side. Promising the ‘worst deals in Europe’ for Black Friday, Costupper offers punters everything from Tomato Botchup to Vanishing Economy bleach at extortionate prices.

The inconvenience store pop-up is in fact the latest stunt from Anti-Brexit campaign group People’s Vote, which is campaigning for the public to have a final vote on the deal that Theresa May’s government has negotiated for the UK leaving the European Union.

Costupper brings some of the organisation’s key concerns around the deal, such as claims that rising inflation which has already cost the average worker almost one week’s wages, according to a study by the London School of Economics. Here, People’s Vote Marketing Director Sarah Baumann explains the creative process behind the stunt and why, according to her, Brexit would be the worst Black Friday deal going.


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