Inside Tumucumaque – A Virtual Reality Experience by Interactive Media Foundation

This project has been selected in the Digital – Interactive Film & Virtual, Augmented or Mixed Reality category in The Annual 2019, CR’s award scheme celebrating the best in commercial creativity

Inside Tumucumaque beams users into a remote stretch of the Amazon Rainforest, offering an up-close look at a region that is home to a diverse collection of species. Users can crawl with goliath tarantulas, fly with endangered harpy eagles, and swim with black caimans while uncovering facts about the rainforest’s inhabitants. Night vision and ultraviolet colour modes allow them to view the forest from an animal’s perspective, while sound effects capture a sense of being deep in the Amazon.

The experience was created in partnership with experts at the Natural History Museum in Berlin and was launched at the ZKM | Centre for Art and Media in Karlsruhe before travelling to various festivals and exhibitions. With hundreds of hand-painted models and rich audio featuring on-site recordings, it’s an evocative experience that aims to promote empathy with the natural world.

Agency: Interactive Media Foundation and Filmtank. Co-created with:
Artificial Rome. Executive Producer: Diana Schniedermeier. Creative Directors: Ina Krüger, Patrik de Jong. Concept Artist: Dirk Hoffmann. Art Directors: Dirk Hoffmann, Robert Werner. AD/3D/Animation: Nico Taniyama, Christian Rambow, Dana Würzburg. Technical Lead: Sebastian Hein. Technical Development: Dennis Zimmermann, Huyen Tien. Sound Design: Christian Barth, Julian Ferreira da Silva. Project Managers: Florian Köhler, Jochen Watral, Kristin Sperling. Producers: Michael Grotenhoff, Saskia Kress