Instagram’s refresh brings the brand to life in motion

Created by Studio Dumbar/Dept in collaboration with Instagram’s in-house design team, the new motion identity system is inspired by the act of scrolling and swiping

It’s been almost two years since Instagram’s last major brand overhaul, which saw it introduce a bespoke typeface inspired by its distinctive ‘squircle’ logo.

Building on this work, the brand has collaborated with Studio Dumbar/Dept on a refreshed and expanded brand identity rooted in a new approach to motion design.

Motion already plays a significant role in how Instagram shows up in the world. Working in collaboration with its in-house brand design team, Studio Dumbar/Dept was tasked with creating a flexible, balanced motion system that would work effectively across both marketing and user experience.

Inspired by how people already use the app day-to-day, a series of motion techniques were developed to support storytelling and add a layer of engagement to branded elements. Some, for instance, mimic natural camera movements, while others nod to the act of swiping or scrolling.

The entire identity is underpinned by the new system’s physics, which determines how motion is oriented in time and space. It has been integrated across Instagram’s core brand elements, while extensive guidelines, templates and toolkits have been developed to ensure clarity and consistency.

The design system will also continue to roll out across a series of campaigns, including an OOH campaign which premiered on two screens at Penn Plaza in New York City.