Inter Milan’s new identity

Milan studio Leftloft has redesigned football club Inter Milan’s visual identity. Changes include a bespoke serif typeface and a new, streamlined crest…

Milan studio Leftloft has redesigned football club Inter Milan’s visual identity. Changes include a bespoke serif typeface and a new, streamlined crest…

Leftloft has been working with Inter Milan since 2011 when it created an ad campaign to help boost ticket sales at San Siro stadium and has art directed all of the club’s communications since. The new identity was launched on Inter’s website last week and will be applied to kits, merchandise and communications.


The old logo (left) and new (right)


The new logo is based on Inter Milan’s original 1908 pictogram but has been “modernised” says Leftloft, with fewer rings and simpler lettering. The star above the crest has also been removed but will still feature on kits.

Art director Francesco Cavalli says the aim was to create something more impactful, easier to reproduce and better suited for use on various media, replacing Inter’s confusing array of existing marques for its sub brands with a single symbol. One colour versions have also been created for use on fabric and materials such as plastic.

The club’s new kit

Previous sub brand logos

New sub brand logos


The club’s new typeface, Inter Metric, was designed by typographer Cris Sowersby and aims to reflect Inter’s 106-year heritage whilst still looking ‘sporty’, says Cavalli. “As a result of the club’s strong relationship with its past, we thought the sans serif fonts, which are typical in the identities of sports teams, were not suitable,” he adds.


Leftloft has also created extensive guidelines for licensors and suppliers, which include a secondary colour palette and a range of patterns for clothing and merchandise:


while stationery features photography from Inter’s archives, showing players and key moments in the club’s history from the 1960s to the present day. “Inter’s archive is one of its biggest treasures,” says Cavalli. Twelve images were selected with help from staff, he explains, ranging from photos of key wins in the 1960s to its triple victory in 2010 [when the club won the Italian cup, domestic league and Champion’s League] and former player Giacinto Facchetti, who died in 2004.


Leftloft says the finished identity aims to reflect “a strong modern personality with a careful review of iconic and traditional elements” and with the introduction of detailed branding guidelines Cavalli says the redesign will “unify the branches that, over the years, have developed inside the company.”

When Inter announced the new logo in a wonderfully bizarre press release (read it here), the initial reaction was that little has changed. But by providing new guidelines and streamlining the crest, Leftloft has designed a system much better suited to modern marketing uses. Like any major football team, Inter is no longer just a club but a brand and Leftloft’s redesign, while not a radical change, does create a more consistent brand identity.

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