Interactive Haiku Project by NFB/Canada and Arte

The National Film Board of Canada and Arte are looking to commission 12 new pieces of interactive art. There is one condition though: they have to be short.

The National Film Board of Canada and Arte are looking to commission 12 new pieces of interactive art. There is one condition though: they have to be short.

NFB Canada was the Client of the Year in the CR Annual Awards 2014, with the institution recognised for commissioning some of most significant and interesting pieces of interactive art and documentary in recent years through its NFB/Interactive arm. Its back catalogue includes such gems as Bla Bla, The Devil’s Toy Redux, Bar Code, and A Journal of Insomnia.

In an interview that featured in the May issue of CR, Hughes Sweeney, head of French-language interactive production at NFB/Interactive, discussed the need for shorter form interactive experiences. “One of the problems I want to tackle in the coming months is how you make people live meaningful, strong interactive experiences inside, say, two minutes,” he said. “These are super rare…. We do it well in literature, we do it well in the graphic novel, we do it well in music, we do it well in film. So how do we use the internet to make something happen in a very short time?”

To address this, NFB has joined forces with Arte in France to issue a call-for-entries for short-form interactive ideas for a new project titled Interactive Haiku. Twelve of the proposals will be selected and then rolled out online.

The team behind Interactive Haiku has released a set of ten rules, to help guide applicants. They are:

1. The experience should be 60 seconds long.
2. It should inspire us to see the world we live in differently.
3. Only one interactive concept should be used.
4. It should employ a full browser design with common NFB/Arte header.
5. No navigation menu should be used.
6. Project must include sound.
7. It should be understandable and accessible to an international audience.
8. Project creators must own or have released all rights.
9. Must be computer, tablet, and mobile friendly (iOS, Android and Windows).
10. And because there’s always an exception to the rule: it must break one of the creative rules and explain why.

The deadline for entries is August 19. All info about registering is at

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