Interactive Media Foundation & Filmtank: Myriad. Where we Connect VR experience

Category: Interactive Film & Virtual, Augmented or Mixed Reality; Entrant: Interactive Media Foundation

Myriad is a virtual reality project about animal migration in the Anthropocene. Based on scientific migratory data, it invites the visitor to experience our world as an interdependent system.

The experience follows the migratory journeys of three animals – the Bald Ibis, the Arctic Fox, and the Green Sea Turtle – along wind and ocean currents, across continents and through soaring mountain ranges as they make their way around the globe.

The visual concept for the experience was created by artists out of ­carbon – flexible and abundant, carbon is an element that forms the basis of all life on Earth.

Myriad makes use of this building block as a narrative and aesthetic link between individual elements and global networks to show how all life on Earth is part of an endlessly connected cycle.

Analogue charcoal drawings, produced in the studio, are integrated in the digital VR environment and combined with carbon particle systems to form the world of Myriad.

Myriad premiered at the Venice ­International Film Festival in September and has also been shown in festivals in the UK, Switzerland, Australia, and the US.

A co-production project of the Interactive Media Foundation and Filmtank in co-creation with Miiqo Studios and Artificial Rome. With the scientific support of Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior; Museum für Naturkunde Berlin/Mediasphere for Nature; ARD; SWR; Occupied VR; Waldrappteam/Life Northern Bald Ibis; Deutsches Meeresmuseum Stralsund; University of Exeter; Ascension Island Government; Zoo Wingst; Norwegian Polar Institute; Norwegian Institute for Nature Research; zoosuisse; Tiergarten Schönbrunn; RiffReporter. In alliance with WWF. In cooperation with ARD/SWR and Occupied. Supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg; MFG Baden-Württemberg; Canada Media Fund; Bell Fund
Executive Producers: Saskia Kress, Michael Grotenhoff
Creative Producer: Michael Grotenhoff
Author/Creative Director/Art Directors: Lena Thiele and Sebastian Baurmann, Miiqo Studios
Lead Visual Artist: Dirk Hoffmann, Artificial Rome
Story and Text: Lena Thiele
Technical Director: Torsten Sperling-Ufer, Artificial Rome
3D Director/3D Lead Artist: Nico Alexander Taniyama, Artificial Rome
3D Technical/Environmental Artists: Christian Rambow, Katharina Przyborowski, Artificial Rome
Director Interaction: Patrik De Jong, Artificial Rome
Interaction Programming: Christoph Espig, Mateusz Marchwicki, Artificial Rome
Animal Rigger: Florian Friedmann
Animal Animation: Hendrik Rost
Production Lead: Sebastian Baurmann, Miiqo Studios; Kerstin Klewitz, Filmtank; Thorsten Schwarck, IMF; Jochen Watral, Artificial Rome
Project Consultant: Magnus Froböse, Context
Film Technical Consultant: Julian Oberbeck
Music: Rutger Hoedemaekers
Creative Sound Director: Christian Barth, Akkordarbeiter
Audio Implementation: Julian Ferreira Da Silva
Sound Designer: Andrew Mottl
Director 360° & 3D Green Screen Captures: Michael Grotenhoff, Christian Zipfel
Green Screen Captures/ Dop 360°: Sönke Kirchhof, INVR; Zsolt Magyari; Jana Pape
Voiceover: Dulcie Smart