Intercity releases a series of prints based on the tread patterns of sneakers

The crossover between lovers of design and lovers of sneakers/trainers is well-established, so it’s likely that lots of you out there will enjoy this new series of prints from design studio Intercity, which feature details from the soles of various well-known sneaker brands. Geeky, you say? Never….

The series features the treads of six classic sneakers, including Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, Nike Waffle Racer and Vans Authentic. It follows an earlier set of prints from Intercity which focuses on bike treads. OK, maybe there’s a certain degree of obsession revealed in focusing on such details, but it’s hard to deny the graphic charm of the various treads. Which one’s your favourite?

Tread – Puma Clyde
Top: Tread – Vans Authentic; Above: Tread – Puma Clyde
Tread – Nike Waffle Racer
Tread – Nike Waffle Racer
Tread – Nike Cortez
Tread – Nike Cortez
Tread – Converse Chuck Taylor All Star
Tread – Converse Chuck Taylor All Star
Tread – adidas Sam Smith
Tread – adidas Stan Smith

The prints are available to buy from £30 to £60 (depending on size) at

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