Introducing the new (and old) Creative Review

We’ve made some changes. Today we announce the introduction of subscriber-only premium content online and the launch of our digital archive featuring over 400 issues of CR, all the way back to 1980

Since we started this site (over ten years ago) the publishing world has changed hugely. Back then, having a free website was a great complement to our monthly magazine, allowing us to publish as often as we wanted to a worldwide audience. Now print plays a different, though still important role and with social media we reach more people than the website ever did.

To be successful today, free websites need lots of clicks and lots of advertisers. For the reader, that has come to mean high volumes of low quality content. That is not what Creative Review is about. We don’t want that to be our future and we don’t want it to be the future of the industry we serve.

In the UK, the creative industry contributes £92bn to the economy and directly employs 2 million people. It’s a serious industry and it deserves a serious publication to support it.

Cover of the first ever issue of CR, from May 1980


Creative Review has been bringing the creative community together since 1980. We share insight and inspiration across disciplines and borders, connecting brilliant minds to make brilliant things happen. We work with great writers, illustrators, designers, photographers and printers. We believe that their creativity has a value and we pay them for it.

Which is why, from today, Creative Review’s premium online content will now be available to subscribers only. Yes, we’ve introduced a paywall.

Registered users will still be able to access a limited amount of content in our Inspiration section but, for everything else, we ask you to subscribe.

All the content that is published in the print magazine will also be available here on the website.


In addition, we have digitised the entire print archive of CR – over 400 issues. All subscribers will have access to this fully searchable archive containing every issue of the magazine. The archive will be updated with each new issue of CR as it is published.

A spread from the first issue of CR. Every issue of the magazine, dating all the way back to 1980, is now available to subscribers via our digital archive


Subscribers will also have exclusive access to our new podcast, a new range of video content plus surveys and reports as well as priority access to CR events and offers.

If you are currently a CR subscriber, you will have free access to all content on the website and to the archive for the remaining duration of your subscription with us. You will also be able to renew your subscription at a much-reduced rate. Students can subscribe to the website and archive for just £30 per year. We will also be offering company-wide subscription packages in the near future – stay tuned for details.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us since we began this thing of ours back in 1980. In that time, the world we cover and how we cover it has changed enormously. But we remain committed to the values with which we started. Whether you are a follower, friend, magazine buyer or (hopefully) subscriber, we’re here to inspire and inform the best in creativity.

Full details on how to join the CR community here.

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