iPad users – get ready to Granimate

Granimator is a new iPad app, developed by ustwo, which enables users to create soundscapes using imagery provided by a host of creatives including Airside, Pete Fowler, James Joyce and Jon Burgerman…

Most of the iPad apps we’ve seen so far have been along the lines of digital magazine apps. Granimator, a new app by ustwo, refreshingly, looks to make the most of the interactive touch screen and let users be creative with that functionality – rather than simply swiping a screen to get to another “page” (yawn).

The idea behind Granimator is that iPad owners using the app can play around with various graphic and illustrative elements onscreen to create musical wallpapers. ustwo has teamed up with a host of in-demand imagemakers – including Airside, James Joyce, Jon Burgerman and Pete Fowler – to supply graphic and illustrative assets for the app. Each of these collaborator’s Granimator assets will be available in signature artist packs, which will be released in packs of six on an ongoing basis through an in-app shop. 

Users can select and drag different graphic elements onscreen to create interesting looking wallpapers. Each element in the composition represents a different sound that can be played by tapping it on the screen. A pinching action can tweak the sound’s pitch, thus enabling you to fine tune your wallpaper composition – both visually and melodically. Once you’re happy with your creation, you’ll be able to save it as iPad or iPhone wallpaper and share it with your friends via Flickr, Twitter and, but of course, a dedicated website at granimator.com

“Granimator is the perfect blend of everything ustwo stands for: creativity, passion, motion, sound and style,” said Mills, co-founder of ustwo, which has spent £55,000 to date developing the app, with a further £75,000 set aside for further development. “This is an iPad app designed to enable users to create something beautiful, while being fully engaged with the creative process.”

Here’s a short film of someone using the app:

And here are some examples of what some Granimator wallpapers created using the Jon Burgerman Mentalism pack look like:

The app itself will be free to download and users will initially be able to access to a free ustwo pack consisting of artist packs from BOBBYBOBSON, Gracie Miller, Laffers and Jason Gregory – all inhouse designers at ustwo – and also the Mentalism pack by Jon Burgerman who has been working with ustwo for about ten months on the much anticipated Inkstrumental iPhone app which is due for release later this year. The next release planned for Granimator will be the Coolective Pack which will feature a further six artist packs by Airside, Pete Fowler, Buro Destruct, James Joyce, Rexbox and Moving Brands.

The iPad (and therefore associated apps) is only available in the US at this moment in time – but when the iPad launches in other territories worldwide (including the UK)  later this month, Granimator is set to be among the first apps available  for the device.

For more information visit granimator.com – and keep up with all things Granimator by following them on twitter at twitter.com/Granimator

Also, watch this space as we hope to bring you news and previews of further Granimator releases as and when they are available.


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