Iranian Diaspora Collective: Iran Prison Project website

Category: Websites; Entrant: WongDoody

The Iran Prison Project is an interactive website experience that sheds light on testimonies from former political prisoners and dissidents that reflect the abuses of the Iranian Regime. “Imagine a place where people are detained indefinitely,” explains WongDoody.

“Women, children, gay people, journalists. Where torture, rape and execution happen every day. You can be sent there for taking photographs, for dancing, for showing your hair. This is the truth for tens of thousands of people in Iranian prisons.

“Iranian Diaspora Collective is a non-partisan, queer-led, multi-faith organisation of visionary agents for social change who understand the power of social influence, storytelling and youth-led activism as key tools for cultural revolution. They came to us with the hope that we could help break the tendency of cognitive overload in the media and news space. How do we educate the world on this violation of human rights in the midst of all the noise?”

The Iran Prison Project can be accessed through a web browser. Visitors can move about the 3D space and interact with stories from prisoners. Testimony features AI imagery and original art, as well as AI soundscapes. The audio is recorded by voice actors to protect victims. “To speak to the world, we recreated one of the worst places on Earth in the metaverse – a space without boundaries and borders – and asked people to experience these stories and be their voice.”

Design Studio: WongDoody