Is digital making brands bland?

In this piece for CR, Rei Inamoto, who is Jury President for the Digital Craft category at this year’s Cannes Lions, considers the state of digital today, and why we are seeing a rise of the bland

“Nowadays, it is more like a plumber or industrial roofing convention,” bemoaned one of the creative legends of the advertising industry a few years ago about Cannes Lions.

In the creative industries – whether it’s advertising, architecture, design, fashion or film, etc – the ‘best work’ is often praised for its ingenious originality of the idea and brilliant craftsmanship. If you ask a layperson if they can recall a great ad they liked, they’ll probably be able to tell you a TV ad or perhaps a Super Bowl spot.

But if you ask, “what’s your favourite digital ad?” they’ll either give you a blank stare or scoff: “You mean, ad banners???”