Jack Beveridge

Beveridge is now Designer at Google Creative Lab

Above: Jack Beveridge’s brand identity for Jacquard, a Google Creative Labs integrated campaign launching the world’s first interactive textile.

As part of a small team at Google Creative Lab, designer Jack Beveridge has the chance to work across every part of the company – including Google products like Maps and Translate, and some of its more experimental departments such as Deepmind and Google X. His job is hugely varied, covering everything from marketing, films and experiential events, to making physical products.

Beveridge joined New Blood Academy after graduation in 2014, having left with a portfolio that included films, furniture, ad campaigns and branding.

Digital installation displaying figures, design principles and a launch film worked on by Jack as part of the UN’s Assembly of Youth project which aimed to provide disadvantaged children with a voice

“In the second week of Academy we went for a day at Google, and Steve Vranakis (now my boss) talked about what they did at the Lab,” recalls Beveridge. “It was the first time I’d seen somewhere have a radically different approach to working, that seemed aligned with what
I believed in.

“The Academy gives you this amazing opportunity to meet and hear from a large number of the best people in the creative industry,” he says, adding that he was unaware of GCL’s work prior to meeting them.

For those just starting out, I think the biggest challenge is understanding the options and opportunities you have

After finishing Academy, Beveridge joined the Google 5 programme, which sees five makers join the Lab for 11 months, and has been at the studio ever since. He had the chance to work on big projects almost immediately and, in his first year at GCL, Beveridge was part of a team working on a digital installation for the United Nations headquarters in New York – an opportunity he describes as his proudest creative moment so far.

“For those just starting out, I think the biggest challenge is understanding the options and opportunities you have,” he says. “I’m noticing more and more people joining startups, working for a great brand, an NGO, or even starting their own thing. Being able to tackle problems with creativity is such a powerful skill, I find it exciting when people use that in untraditional ways.”

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