Jack Renwick Studio gives DMA rebrand a breath of fresh air

The newly restructured Data & Marketing Association enlisted design agency Jack Renwick Studio to reinvigorate its brand identity

To coincide with the rebrand of the Data & Marketing Association, which now incorporates the learning, talent and membership divisions under a single integrated entity, Jack Renwick Studio was brought on board to draw a new chapter in the association’s history. Marking the occasion, the studio has injected some life into the DMA’s brand identity (although its website design and overall online presence still has some catching up to do).

“Getting to the heart of what the DMA stands for was critical in creating a clear position. The central idea of ‘the driving force of intelligent marketing’ felt it expressed what they do into a true and motivating statement that everyone could get behind,” said Jack Renwick, Founder and Creative Director, Jack Renwick Studio.

Renwick added: “The new identity system brings structure and cohesion to the various business parts, while keeping the core idea of ‘momentum’ at the heart of the brand. The approach injects colour, energy and movement, including a forward slash embedded in the logo to express the DMA’s continual positive advancement of the industry.”