James Bond covers, From Penguin 007

It seems like barely a week goes by without a publisher re-issuing some­thing from its back catalogue in spanky new packaging

Penguin has been more active than most in this arena so it may come as no surprise to learn that, to mark the centenary of author Ian Fleming’s birth, the publisher is re-issuing all 14 original Ian Fleming Bond novels under the new imprint of Penguin 007.

Published in hardback, the books sport covers designed by Michael Gillette and Jon Gray. Illustrations and type evoke the Bond of the early movies (with perhaps a nod to Robert Brownjohn’s Goldfinger titles) rather than the more restrained style of the original first editions or the much-prized early Pan paperbacks.

The release is part of a wide array of marketing activity that also incorporates the publication of Sebastian Faulks’ new James Bond novel, Devil May Care, at the end of May. Bentley is designing a limited edition version of the new novel (to include a model Bentley in pewter) plus there will be an exhibition on Fleming’s life at London’s Imperial War Museum.



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