Jamie Lee Taete’s images capture the bizarre reality of life

High contrast and brash, the photographer’s pictures capture the bizarre nature of the everyday across different pockets of America

Photographer Jamie Lee Taete is based in LA and he’s been commissioned by the likes of the Guardian, National Geographic, Vogue, the New York Times and BuzzFeed. He describes his style as the “way I see the world” and having grown up in the UK, he cites his fascination with the US as a constant reference point.

“I was really into the US growing up and always wanted to live here,” he tells CR. “I think my biggest inspiration is the kind of shiny optimistic imagery that I saw coming out of the country via the movies, music videos, advertisements and internet images I was consuming during that period.”

Top: Truck Stops, New York Times. Above: Personal. All images: Jamie Lee Taete