Jarami’s surreal video takes us inside a kebab

A kebab shop employee finds himself inside a doner in the bonkers film from directors Pensacola

For some, the kebab is the perfect end to a boozy night out – a salty, meaty snack to soak up excess alcohol and satisfy that 3am hunger.

As delicious at it can be, it seems an unlikely choice of inspiration for a music video. But New York directing duo Pensacola‘s video for Jarami’s track No Chance takes us on a surreal journey inside the humble doner.

The film follows the escapades of a kebab shop employee, who finds himself downsized and trapped inside the late-night snack. A high-speed chase ensues, along with some near death experiences and an encounter with a singing lettuce. It’s a trippy, silly and funny adventure – and one that will likely make you smile next time you pass your local doner shop.


Director: Penascola
Production: Canada
Post: Mathematic