JB Dunckel of Air releases trippy new music video

Artist Eva Papamargariti has created this magical video for JB Dunckel, ex of Air, which finds the musician floating in a synthetic tropical paradise.

The video makes for an ideal accompaniment to Dunckel’s new track, Love Machine. Inspired by the track and Dunckel’s wider new album, H+, which is released later this month, director Eva Papamargariti used a mix of 3D modelling software and post to create a trippy, ethereal atmosphere.

“For me the main inspiration of the video was the essence that the song created to me from the first moment I heard it which was something very warm and sensual but at the same time quite eerie and otherworldly,” says Papamargariti.

“So after taking into consideration the ideas that exist on JB’s album and on Love Machine in particular, I filtered them through my own lens and the personal feelings that the track created in me, while at the same time trying to be somehow true to the feelings that the sound of the track itself is evoking.”

Papamargariti made a 3D scan of Dunckel, who is then inserted into the artist’s distinctive aesthetic, and shown floating within the space.

“I tried to express these contradictory elements that even the song title ‘Love Machine’ is implying. We see a body floating and wandering in an abstract, natural but at the same time synthetic habitat searching possibly for another body to connect with, while encountering these different forms of flowers/plants that keep surrounding it and changing shapes, colours, even acting in a mechanical way at some points, spreading tentacles or opening up their petals revealing their inner structure.”



Milton Keynes