Jenna Garrett’s photos explore spirituality and tourism

The photographer’s long-term project, This Holy Hill, sees her revisit childhood haunts and examine America’s long history of decreeing ordinary places as holy

Jenna Garrett’s ongoing series This Holy Hill began in 2017 and is an exploration of spirituality in America through rural vacation town, Branson, Missouri. The place has a population of around 11,000 and is nestled in the Ozark Mountains. Garret was born 64km north of Branson and spent many summers there fishing in her grandfather’s bass boat, riding rollercoasters, and getting sunburnt. 

“It wasn’t until many years later when I moved away, first to London and later to San Francisco, that I felt drawn home,” Garrett tells CR. “Branson is a larger-than-life place, from the glittery costumes of country music performers to a giant 218ft cross towering over the highway. It feels unique and personal at the same time.”

Top: River; Above: Prophet. All images: This Holy Hill, Jenna Garrett