How Jeremy Allen White is breaking down boundaries in adland

The Bear actor’s turn for Calvin Klein has ignited wide debate across the ad industry’s favourite social media channel: LinkedIn. Which is a wonderful thing for the health of the industry, says our ad correspondent Ben Kay

Have you seen the new ad for Calvin Klein undies? Of course you have. It’s the one with the guy from The Bear taking his clothes off as he jumps around on a New York roof.

But have you seen the LinkedIn reaction? The one where advertising people hotly debate the missing concept, the inscrutable strategy, and the lack of a proper insight? What about the furore about the furore? More ad people despairing of the fact that advertising people were despairing of the fact that this wasn’t advertising as they knew it?

And now here I am, about to pick all of that apart, so we now have a meta-meta-meta reaction to a man selling underwear by running around in his underwear. (I haven’t even considered your reaction to my reaction. Another day, perhaps.)

I decided to devote over 1,000 words to this topic because it’s an example of an interesting phenomenon that I believe offers benefits for the whole industry, but particularly its creativity.