Jim Archer has created a brilliant parody of the documentary short

There has been a trend of late in advertising for the documentary short. Earnest in tone, often featuring spectacular imagery, these films take themselves very seriously indeed. Which makes them ripe for a spoof: step forward director Jim Archer…

The rise of the documentary short has come about due to the rise of branded content. With channels such as YouTube and Vimeo eradicating the time restrictions that come with TV ads, brands can let loose with longer films online. Hence the trend for the mini documentary, where real people tell their life stories and – brands hope – give a boost to brand values along the way.

The problem is that these documentary shorts are all a little bit samey, and thus cancel each other out. They all feature similar themes – beautiful cinematography, soaring music, and real life stories elevated to become tales of every(wo)man glory. Archer has captured all of these elements here perfectly, and hilariously – I recommend sticking with his film right until the end for the biggest guffaw of all.


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