Jim Eyre pays homage to the humble coach in new photo series

When it comes to transport in London, buses tend to hog the limelight. But, says ad creative Jim Eyre, we shouldn’t overlook the glories to be found in coach design too.

Jim Eyre York Way photo series

Jim Eyre, a creative director at Crispin, Porter & Bogusky ad agency in London, cites his morning commute as the inspiration behind this series of photographs in celebration of coaches.

“My commute ends at King’s Cross Station, leaving just a short stroll down York Way, a one-way street that leads to the sanctuary of my work place,” he says.

“Along this unassuming street, there awaits something of such joy it makes my commute not just bearable but something I look forward to. Tucked between London’s iconic red buses is a less celebrated mode of transportation not native to London. The humble coach.”

Jim Eyre York Way photo series
Jim Eyre York Way photo series
Jim Eyre York Way photo series
Jim Eyre York Way photo series

Eyre’s series, titled York Way, focuses on details of the exterior design on various coaches, and reveals that – contrary to popular expectation – they can be rather beautiful.

“Every day these beautifully crafted machines park themselves along York Way patiently waiting to collect and deposit their passengers,” he says. “Every one proudly and confidently displays its team colours for all to see. Sadly the vast majority of us choose to ignore these public exhibitions…. This is a real shame because when these bold and unique patterns work in unison with the vehicle structure, they create a fascinating visual spectacle, which has become a piece of daily inspiration for me.”

Jim Eyre York Way photo series
Jim Eyre York Way photo series
Jim Eyre York Way photo series
Jim Eyre York Way photo series

See more of Eyre’s work on Instagram @jimeyrejimeyrejimeyre or @eyrejimeyrejimeyrejim, or at germaine.co.uk

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