John Ogunmuyiwa

Ogunmuyiwa currently works as Creative at Havas London

Still from AlphaMale, John’s 2016 film project on boxing in Gambia

In the three years since John Ogunmuyiwa completed D&AD New Blood Academy, he’s worked at agencies big and small, spent time as a freelance photographer, journeyed to South America for three months, and turned his film side project into a job application. These days he’s a creative at Havas London, where he’s been since 2016.

John Ogunmuyiwa, on the right

“They say it’s about who you know, but I think it’s a little bit about who knows you,” he says, remembering his Academy experience. “Getting a foot in is always tough in most things, so it helps having a body that’s actively flooding the industry with talented individuals.”

I guess the major outtake was confidence. It’s OK to talk about and sell yourself.

Not just an opportunity to get his name into the ether, Ogunmuyiwa used the Academy as a chance to gain a wider perspective, and collaborate with creatives from other disciplines.
It also encouraged him to get comfortable with talking about his work. “I guess the major outtake was confidence,” he says. “It’s OK to talk about and sell yourself.”

This kind of self belief is essential for today’s creative landscape, which Ogunmuyiwa sees as more competitive than ever before. “Kids are making films in the backyard with production values that are better than some paid for produced ads,” he explains. “People are making music in their bedrooms and the quality is ridiculous. In my opinion, it’s hard because the base level for average work is already exceptional in certain fields.”

As well as design, Ogunmuyiwa counts film and photography among his personal passions, and hopes to eventually direct a feature film – perhaps something in the science
fiction realm. “Sometimes looking at life like a movie helps find the beginnings of potential ideas in everyday life,” he says.

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